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Main Street Northside - Twillingate Island

Main Street Northside

Coming onto the island, Main Street Northside can be reached by travelling north on Toulinguet Street until intersecting Main Street Southside. Turn left and drive until you cross Tickle Bridge. You are now on Main Street Northside.


Main Street Northside provides stunning views of southside and Twillingate harbour. Fundamental business can be accomplished in this area such as banking, pharmacy and liquor store needs.

Communities along the way include Back Harbour, Paradise, Wild Cove (Big & Little) and finally Crow Head. At the end of Crow Head lies our well-known Long Point Lighthouse. Long Point is located 330 feet above the sea offering sweeping views of iceberg alley.

A Nuggut.  The town of Crow Head is the only municipality other than the town of Twillingate on the island. 😉




Places in Main Street Northside

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